As well as products from our own monastery (apples, apple sauces and jams, pottery), we sell devotional items (icons, statues, crosses, medals, crib figures, etc.), different kinds of incense, CDs of religious music, Gregorian chant CDs from several monasteries, CDs of classical or Breton music, DVDs, health foods and supplements made or selected by monasteries and carefully selected natural plant remedies.

We aim to ensure that our products are of the best quality. We are further careful to select products made in monastic workshops or locally in our region.

The shop is closed on Thursdays except during school holidays


« Let them sell the crafts of the artificers of the monastery. »
The Rule of St Benedict, ch. 57

soutenir les moines 

The Bookshop of Sainte-Anne de Kergonan Abbey

Our religious bookshop offers a wide choice of quality books to deepen our Christian faith, to expound the teachings of the Church and assess the problems faced by our society. In addition to literature on many religious topics, we stock titles on current affairs.

The main topics are: Scripture and liturgy, Gregorian chant, philosophy and theology, history and spirituality, patrology and monastic life, lives of Saints, pastoral care and sacraments, catechesis and faith education, bioethics and Catholic social doctrine.

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A large section of the bookshop is intended for families, children and youth.
A wide range of postcards, prayer cards, images and bookmarks is available.

We also sell art books, classics, books on politics or economics, and books of reflection and meditation for Christians or any person wanting to learn.
Books ritten by our monks. All books are in French.

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it our french website to see details of books.

They have been making regular recordings since the 1960s.

Le Verbe s’est fait chair.
Chœur des moines de l'abbaye Ste-Anne de Kergonan


Discover extracts



  Initiation au chant grégorien, Studio SM D2996
Eternel Grégorien
01. Cantate Domino
02. Ut queant laxis
03. Montes gelbœ
04. Spiritus
05. Veni Domine
06. Bene omnia fecit
07. Habet in vestimento
08. Agnus III
09. Alleluia (3e dimanche après la Pentecôte)
10. Dirigatur
11. Veni Redemptor gentium
12. Immensæ Cæli conditor
13. Lumen
14. Ave Regina cælorum
15. Tantum ergo
16. Christe Redemptor omnium
17. Agnus X
18. Lux æterna
19. Nemo
20. Alleluia Deus qui sedes
21. Alleluia justi epulentur
22. Gloria XII
23. Exsurge
24. De profundis
25. In paradisum
26. Ego sum
27. Kyrie III
28. Veni sponsa Christe (7e & 8e modes)
29. In voluntate tua
30. Duo seraphim
31. Salve Regina


  Chant des orgues, chant des moines, avec Jacques Kauffmann,

Chœur des moines de l'abbaye Ste-Anne de Kergonan
01. Pater Noster
02. Pièce d'orgue BWV 572 (JS Bach)
03. Veni, creator
04. Choral Komm Gott, Schöpfer, heiliger Geist BWV 667 (JS Bach)
05. Magnificat
06. Fugue sur le Magnificat BWV 733 (JS Bach)
07. Kyrie in Dominicis infra Annum et Kyrie XI (G Frescobaldi)
08. Litanie des Saints (Extraits)
09. Canzona dopo l'Epistola (G Frescobaldi)
10. Veni, Sancte Spiritus
11. Canzona BWV 588 (JS Bach)
12. Lauda Sion (Extraits)
13. Prélude et fugue en ré majeur BuxWV 139 (D Buxtehude)
14. Salve, Regina (Ton simple)
15. Te Deum
16. Triple fugue BWV 552 (JS Bach)


  Sainte-Anne, Studio SM D2962
Messe et Office Grégoriens à l'Abbaye de Kergonan
01. Les Vigiles-Invitatoire et psaume 94
02. Les Vigiles-Hymne Lucis beatæ
03. Les Vigiles-Lecture du livre des Rois
04. Les Vigiles-Répons Venerabilis
05. Les Vigiles-Sermon de St Jean Damascène
06. Les Vigiles-Répons Ô felix Anna
07. La Messe-Gaudeamus
08. La Messe-Kyrie IX
09. La Messe-Gloria IX
10. La Messe-Diffusa est
11. La Messe-Alleluia Ô felix Anna
12. La Messe-Filiæ Regum
13. La Messe-Préface
14. La Messe-Sanctus IX
15. La Messe-Agnus IX
16. La Messe-Exsultabit
17. Les Vêpres-Deus in a adiutorium
18. Les Vêpres-Psaume 109
19. Les Vêpres-Psaume 112
20. Les Vêpres-Psaume 121
21. Les Vêpres-Psaume 126
22. Les Vêpres-Lecture brève
23. Les Vêpres-Répons bref Expectavi
24. Les Vêpres-Hymne Fœcunda radix
25. Les Vêpres-Verset solennel
26. Les Vêpres-Ô Mater patriæ
27. Les Vêpres-Kyrie, Pater III, Oraison, Bénédiction
28. Les Vêpres-Benedicamus Domino
29. Saint Joachim-Laudemus
30. Saint Joachim-Dum tuas
31. Saint Joachim-Alléluia Ô Ioachim
32. Saint Joachim-Prose Ioachim est nata
33. Saint Joachim-Cloches du Monastère