'Saint Benedict calls the monastery a « School of the Lord’s Service ».
Benedict XVI’s address at the Collège des Bernardins on 12 September 2008)

renovation in monastery in france
The monks welcome at the St. Martin Gueshouse each year about a thousand of people.
Over the years, buildings have become obsolete, which implies a general renovation to accommodate guests in better conditions.
The global budget amounts to € 1,000,000.

To follow the progress of work:
- The Newsletter published (The last letter will soon be available here, just in french).
- Video.

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'Our world is increasingly seeking places of life in which the Lord can be found;
where, through prayer and contemplation, one can find serenity and peace within oneself and with others.'

(Benedict XVI to an assembly of Benedictine abbots) 


The Library
At Sainte-Anne de Kergonan we have no library!
Thousands of books are piled up in boxes and temporary storage, making it difficult to conduct research. As a result, many of our old books (especially in our Breton collection) are in a poor state. The greater part of our books is scattered in corridors and unsuitable locations.

Current state of the library
37% of books on the second floor
30% of books on the first floor
8% of books on the ground floor
25% of books in boxes

Every year, through acquisitions and gifts, the library expands by about 20 metres of shelving space.

The Infirmary
Our current infirmary was built some forty years ago and has become worn. A complete renovation is called for to ensure a peaceful end for our old brethren. The installation of a lift will render the infirmary less isolated and ensure easy access to other parts for the building.
'Above all, let them take care of the sick, serving them as if they were Christ himself.'
(Rule of Saint Benedict). ^