Regularly, various activities are organized in Sainte Anne de Kergonan.
Offices each day, conferences (floral art, liturgy ...), concerts of Gregorian chant, art exhibition, retreats ...

Summer program

All details will be online in spring.

"Wednesdays of Kergonan" : one Day retreat in July and august. (10 am - 5 pm)
Concerts de gregorian songs :  discover extracts here  : « Le Verbe s’est fait chair » here.
Conferences about floral art

To make a retreat, do not hesitate to contact us !

«At the gate of the Monastery, let there be stationed a wise old man,
who knows how to receive and to give an answer, and whose ripeness of age will not suffer him to wander from his post. »

Rule of Saint Benedict, ch. 66

Bénédictine de Kergonan

Activities near Abbey

Retreats for women : Visit the Website of Nones of Kergonan :